ESIC Market


About the Journal

Focus and scope

ESIC Market is a journal founded in 1971 with ISSN 0212-1867. Currently, it also has the e-ISSN 1989-3574 and is edited by ESIC University. ESIC Market is a four-monthly publication aimed at promoting academic research and disseminating business knowledge, which places special emphasis on content related to the areas of economics and business organization, in any of your prospects. This is intended to promote the development of research and establish a link between academics, researchers and business people from around the world by making their work known in English.

It aims to strengthen the ties between the academic and professional worlds through a common space for reflection and dialogue, rejecting any dissociation between action and intellect, which are nothing but aspects of the same action ordered to a human, free and effective economy; economy that ESIC Market conceives from a personalized perspective and on the institutional basis of the company and the market.

In its more than 52 years of experience, ESIC Market has focused on publishing theoretical and empirical articles that contribute to create, validate and enrich aspects that allow a better understanding of business phenomena and actions and help make better decisions in the areas of strategic direction, accounting, human resource management, education, information management, production management, business logistics, internationalization processes, marketing, etc. applicable or applied to any sector of economic activity.

The contributions can adopt a theoretical, explanatory and / or confirmatory perspective from different methodological and multidisciplinary approaches.

ESIC Market selects articles that are published under a double-blind peer review system, following the practices of quality scientific journals.

ESIC Market carries out the entire editorial management process through OJS. In this sense, both editorial management and online publishing allow the review and editing processes to be streamlined.

Publication frequency

ESIC Market publishes three regular issues per year. These three issues conforms a single volume. From time to time, ESIC Market may publish special issues on specific research topics. These special numbers may have specific guest editors. For these special numbers, specific calls from originals articles are announced.

Open access policy

This journal allows immediate open access to the contents since it understands that the research results should favor the exchange of knowledge and the access to universal knowledge.

Journal with Publication in Continuous

ESIC Market facilitates quick access to publications through a publication in continuous system that allows the publication time of accepted articles to be reduced.

Through this system and, in coherence with the open access policy, ESIC Market will publish the accepted articles on its website. In this way, the contributions will be displayed more quickly. This system allows to accelerate the impact of the contributions and offers the possibility of having the article referenced before. Through this system, the works are disseminated before the official closing of the issue.